Porphyrin Books

Periodic table
Miscellaneous topics
Dolphin book set
Iron Porphyrins, Bioorganic Chemistry
Photochemistry, Excited States
Coordination, Metal Complexes, Catalysis, Oxidations
Porphyrin "Classics" (Longo, Falk, Milgrom, Sessler...), Chromatography
Expanded, Contracted, Isomeric Porphyrins (Sessler, Weghorn)
N-Substituted Porphyrins (Lavallée)
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Photodynamic Therapy (PDT), Medical topics
The Porphyrin Handbook, 10-Volume Set

Edited by
Karl Kadish University of Houston, Texas,
Kevin M. Smith University of California, Davis,
Roger Guilard Université de Bourgogne, France
(CaseBound / Hard Cover / November 1999)
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