About Porphynet (version 20130420)

Porphynet opens to the world of porphyrins and related molecules and topics.

Started as a strictly porphyrin-centric site, Porphynet is evolving into a group of networked components, featuring Mediporph for the medical and life aspects of porphyrins, GPS for Global Porphyrin System (in progress), and Porphyguests, a Web designing-hosting service. Antiporphy for those who are temporarily tired of porphyrins, is a transitional page to our upper-level site Stargine.com. Some of these above-mentioned components as well as the upper-level site have not been developed thoroughly and should be considered as "in construction". Other embryos of sites filled with various topics are being added and are in development, forming the Stargine.com portal. Thank you for your patience!

Each site is organized around a home page featuring a Control Panel for easy navigation.

The working language of this site is English. However, French may be used as well.

Designed by Daniel Dupré, assistant ingénieur at the CNRS (Paris, France), and previously Research Assistant at Dr. Dolphin's group (University of British Columbia, Canada).

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